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Profit Doctor Guarantee

Double Your Money Profit Payback Guarantee: We keep working with you until you make twice our fee back in incremental profits.

Customer Requirements

You respect our time (no no-shows, timely communications, and responses).

You complete 90% of the program (attendance and deliverables so you understand the framework, identify the top 5 profit leverage points for your company, and can confidently execute on them.

You are coachable and implement 3 of the 4 top profit leverage points for your business with 75% completion. We cannot take the medicine for you.

Profit Doctor Commitment

We keep working with you for double the standard program duration until you get pre coup from incremental profits twice our program investment.

If you are meeting the customer requirements and not getting 50% monthly returns on your program fee after twice the program duration we will make it right financially, either by reducing your program investment until you are making a 50% monthly return and up to a full refund.

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